Support Group Recap: Fighting Fears

Often, we experience anxieties when faced with something new and out of our comfort zone.

Other times, we add to our own anxieties and frustrations when we expect our peers, family, friends, etc. to automatically know what our internal dialogue has been repeating throughout our day, leaving them clueless and defensive when we lose our temper over something they said that struck a wrong chord with us.

Our anxieties strengthen because we lacked the communication to say how we feel.

This week, our support group discussed anxieties that we faced during the previous week.

Some find that eating disorders are driven by anxieties from fear of the unknown, fear from past experiences, fear of what others think, fear of not being enough, etc. Fear can be ignited by an inappropriate comment from an authority figure during childhood and persist and foster anxieties in our adolescence and adulthood. Turning to or against food may be our attempt to regain control in our lives.

Eating disorders are complex and multifaceted. Part of recovery is recognizing what fuels ED.

Facing our fears and anxieties can be a big task, but our support group offers security for participants to open up and find strength.

Please join us for our next support group meeting

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