Remembering Who We Are

I would like to share this thought and daily affirmation….

April 22

Remembering Who We Are

After we are born we forget who we really are and why we came here. We take on the  “survival consciousness” of the physical world and we get lost in the world of form. We lose touch with our true power and our spiritual origin. Life becomes a tremendous struggle to find meaning and satisfaction. More and more we are remembering our connection to the divine and beginning to feel the presence of the higher power in our lives.

I am a beautiful spirit, creating a beautiful form.

I just read this from Shakti Gawain’s book “Reflections in the light” Daily Thoughts and Affirmations. I have been reading this book over and over for decades. The book binding is shot, I have to put a rubber band around to keep it together.  These daily thoughts have helped me in many ways. Shakti Gawain has written many great books – this links to her amazon page.

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