This is Recovery

This passage was found and shared somewhere on Facebook and I am grateful that it was shared with me.  Many suffering with eating disorders also suffer with perfectionism.  Perfection does not exist and if we make perfection a goal we are only torturing ourselves.  In turn, we feel guilty for not being perfect and sometimes feel that we should punish ourselves by acting out on our eating disorders or other unhealthy actions.  Recovery is valuing yourself and your body and we have to make it a habit.  Whether you are still struggling or you are in recovery, this is a great passage to keep by your bed or your mirror and read it everyday.  Read it and believe it!

“I embrace my lack of perfection and I accept my mistakes.  I have the right to be wrong.  My self-worth does not have to evaporate when I fall short of my expectations.  Giving myself permission to be human means that I can withhold self-judgment.  I will not dwell on past mistakes.  Yesterday ended at midnight, and i recognize that there is a statute of limitations on past errors.  I do not have to pay and pay forever.  Unless I forgive myself, i will not be able to operate in the present with self-esteem.

Today I welcome my lack of perfection.  my mistakes have taught me things that I’ll never forget.  It is through my mistakes that I become aware of areas in which I need to grow.  Whatever i did in the past was the best I could do under the particular limitations at that time.  To treat myself with a firm gentleness means that I can face my mistakes calmly and take appropriate action without feeling ashamed.”

This is what my recovery looks like.  Not feeling guilty about the foods I eat or making other mistakes.  I accept it and go on and live each day valuing myself and others just as they are.

If you ever feel guilty for not being perfect or feel guilty for eating certain foods, you may need to talk to a licensed counselor or find a support group.  A Place of Healing has a list of screened professional referrals in the Johnson City, TN area.

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