Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Kudos to a new online UK version of the Huffington Post that is highlighting the real issues facing men (HuffPost Men) and the recent article about men and eating disorders, Eating Disorders Aren’t just a Women’s Issue, Men are Suffering Too (click to read full article).

As someone who assists in finding help for those suffering with eating disorders, it is no mystery that there are severe lack of resources for males with eating disorders.  What I have only recently realized, through this article and attending co-ed support groups, are the reasons that men often purposefully do not seek proper treatment.  As the article states,

“Although eating disorders are being more widely discussed than ever before, they are often still seen a young women’s disease… current statistics estimate that between 11% to one quarter of eating disorder sufferers are male— but due to smaller numbers, stigma and lack of awareness, their suffering is often in silence.”

The article goes on to talk about the differences between male and female eating disorders.  It is possible that men with eating disorders are often misdiagnosed.  Misdiagnoses may be due to a need in screening males differently than for females with eating disorders or simply lack of treatment programs for men.  Even if there is available treatment, men often lose hope in finding recovery as suggested by Mary George, a spokesperson for eating disorder charity B-eat.

She says, “that even when men do access treatment, the experience is skewed towards women… This can prevent men coming forward.”

Men are not less likely to develop eating disorders, however, they are less likely to seek proper treatment.

We need more awareness and education for men and treatment providers.  For this to happen, more men need to come forward, leave secrecy behind, and be determined to find help.

A Place of Healing is dedicated to finding recovery for everyone suffering with eating disorders and/or disordered eating.  We will support your journey in hope and healing.  Join us every Thursday for Peer-led support groups.

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Males get eating disorders too

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