Healthy begins with Heal: Part 1

Ever notice the word “Healthy” begins with the word “Heal?” As I’m pondering this, I now wonder if any person who has ever said, “I need to get healthy” is actually meaning, “I need to heal.”

Heal from what?A Place of Healing

It’s different for everyone. Not everyone has had the same experiences in life so not everyone can heal or “get healthy” the same way. Healthy in America may not be the same “healthy” in China or Haiti. Although the definition is scientifically based, the meaning of the word “healthy” is fueled by customs, culture, and media.

Here in America, when someone says, “I need to get healthy,” it usually means either of two things:
1. I’m sick; my body’s systems are weak
2. I need to diet and exercise; lose weight; get ripped

The 2nd definition of “healthy” is a result of our culture. Our culture depicts being “healthy” as doing or not doing specific physical tasks. It also indicates the person speaking is not physically incapable of diet & exercise but yet still does not participate in what they professed was a “need.” This stipulates that there is a mental barrier rather than physical barrier to “get healthy.”

What is your definition of healthy?  What is your definition of exercise?  Do you have the mentality of good foods vs. bad foods?

As a society, we have distorted and abused the word “healthy.” Diet and exercise is not the only road to being healthy. It must be obvious now, the way we “become healthy” cannot be the same for everyone.   So stop thinking that the only way to be healthy is being in the gym or restricting foods you enjoy!  That being said, it is now my belief, that we should avoid using the word “healthy” and start replacing it with “heal.”  It is true we must heal from our minds and past experiences in order to achieve balance and recovery in our lives.

This is only the beginning.  Discover more of what you need to heal in Part 2!

A Place of Healing is a place of connecting to recovery from eating disorders

A Place of Healing is a place of connecting to recovery from eating disorders

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