Founder’s Message

A Place of Healing’s 2016 Annual Board of Directors Meeting was meant to be a celebration.  It could have gone 1 of 2 ways, either looking forward to another year of service to the community or closing our doors and honoring all we had accomplished.

I am pleased to tell you we celebrated knowing we will continue serving our community in 2017!

As the founder of A Place of Healing, I can not tell you what it means to me that 13 people (and more!) are stepping up and will carry our mission graciously giving their time as volunteers.

Celebrate and support our new generation of leaders:

  • President:  Savannah Coffey
  • Vice-President:  Cathy Carter-Bisner, MSW, RSC
  • Secretary:  AnnMarie Swisher
  • Treasurer:  Laryn Hurley
  • Organization Executive Director:  Trish Mims
  • Website Director:  Mindee Skatfeld
  • Resource Center Director:  Karin Willis
  • Event Coordinator and Fundraising Directors:  Matt Coffey and Sara Buchanan
  • Volunteer-Intern Coordinator:  Melanie Headen
  • Outreach Director:  Jennifer Miller
  • Support Group Director:  Amber Gourley
  • Clinical Membership Director:  Carolyn McCarter-Wood
  • Financial Assistance Program Director:  Maurice Butler
2017 board of directors, A Place Of Healing

JOHNSON CITY, TN: 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS, A PLACE OF HEALING: front row; Dakotah Williams, AnnMarie Swisher, Savannah Coffey, Monique Richard, Karin Willis. back row; Laryn Hurley, Cathy Carter-Bisner, Matt Coffey, Melanie Headen. Not Pictured: Amber Gourley, Maurice Butler, Jennifer Miller, Trish Mims, Mindee Skatfeld, Carolyn McCarter-Wood

My spirit is filled with joy and I’m thankful for those that have been with us since the beginning. I also appreciate the gifts I was honored to receive from those that have continued to support me through all of the complexities and triumphs of founding a non-profit organization.  It has all been worth it!

To you, our supporters, be on the look-out for great things coming to our organization and community!  We have a strong group of leaders and are prepared to give more than ever before!

Support our programs by donating your time, money, or attendance at our events.  Looking forward to 2017!


Laryn Hurley, founder

A Place of Healing

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