Eating Disorder Survivor – Using Yoga As A Healing Tool

Leslie Ann Ellingburg is an eating disorder survivor having suffered with various aspects of anorexia, bulimia, exercise addiction, and orthoexia over her life.

Leslie uses yoga as a tool for healing and self-awareness.

Healing through yoga

Leslie has completed her RYT-200 yoga teacher designation.  She bases her yoga philosophy on two sanskrit words, leela (play) and shanti (peace). She believes in finding your inner peace through the play and practice of yoga.

Leslie approaches class with humor and fun all while leading you through your own personal yoga journey. Leslie uses her dance background and her degree in exercise science to round out her take on yoga by finding the yoga best for your body and how to make yoga accessible for all.

Join Leslie for a meditative take on a traditional vinyasa (movement with breath) class. Leslie will take you on a yoga journey where you will become one with mind and body in a positive and loving manner. All levels of yoga practice are welcome to attend, as various explorations of postures will be shown. Class always ends with savasana and meditation.

Find out  more about Leslie via social media outlets Instagram and Facebook.

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