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The Real Life RD with Robyn Nohling. A blog dedicated to ending diet culture and helping you make peace with your natural body size.

AdiosBarbie-At Adios Barbie, they create articles, collaborate on campaigns, lectures, events that redefine perceptions of identity, body, beauty, and power.

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Eating Disorder Survivor – Using Yoga As A Healing Tool

Leslie Ann Ellingburg is an eating disorder survivor having suffered with various aspects of anorexia, bulimia, exercise addiction, and orthoexia over her life.

Leslie uses yoga as a tool for healing and self-awareness.

Healing through yoga

Leslie has completed her RYT-200 yoga teacher designation.  She bases her yoga philosophy on two sanskrit words,

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Successful First Support Group Meeting

Eating Disorder Support GroupA Place of Healing held their first support group last Thursday for those with eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors, and friends and family of those who suffer. Turnout was successful with male and female attendees of all ages and backgrounds including family members.

Support groups are a place where people can connect with others in a safe and positive environment who share similar issues.

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Healthy begins with Heal: Part 1

Ever notice the word “Healthy” begins with the word “Heal?” As I’m pondering this, I now wonder if any person who has ever said, “I need to get healthy” is actually meaning, “I need to heal.”

Heal from what?A Place of Healing

It’s different for everyone.

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Today is a Special Day

Dear friends, family, and supporters,

Three years ago today I left everything I knew about life and independence to spend 6 weeks in an eating disorder treatment facility for women.   I was scared, nervous, and quite frankly, embarrassed.

I was also ready and determined for change in my life.

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