Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

Book Review: Breaking Free from Emotional Eating

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Geneen Roth, author of Feeding the Hungry Heart and When Food Is Love, has brought understanding and acceptance to many readers over the last two decades. In Breaking Free from Emotional Eating, Roth outlines her proven program for resolving the conflicts within the root of overeating struggles. The author lays out simple techniques that she developed for her highly successful seminars. Plus, she offers encouraging, practical advice, with a twist of wit and humor, that will draw you into her heartfelt words, guidance, and shared heart-wrenching stories.

Roth shares her personal struggles with her own anorexia and overeating issues, with a genuine heart, for the intentions of helping others break free from emotional eating problems.

Roth highlights personal conflicts that can be at the root of overeating and compulsive eating as well as, offering tips to break the “binge-diet” cycles that can be associated with these conflicts. This author does a wonderful job of explaining emotional eating problems and gives real-world strategies on how to break free of the cycle. I recommend this book to people who struggle with eating disorders as well as, people who love people with eating disorders and need an understanding of these issues.

Book Review by Cathy Carter-Bisner, APoH Vice-Chairwoman

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